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This is a page which anybody can edit and put tasks to do on it because this huge XNA 5.0 project will need organization and management between the developers who participate in the project.

  • Defines what we are coding
  • Divide the work to do
  • Start to code all parts individually but refering to other programmers for additions in code
  • Optimize parts
  • Build the release of XNA 5.0 for Visual Studio 2015
  • Add your own tasks...

Main stream tasks:
  • Prepare new solution files.
  • Prepare documentation tools.
  • Prepare new API compatible with DirectX 11.
  • Prepare new pipeline compilers.
  • Develop new Visual Studio Extension for Visual Studio Community 2013, Visual Studio 2015.
  • Develop new API.
  • Develop new pipeline compilers.

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