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Importação 3d

Importei um objeto 3D(carro), Mas em vez de ele ficar na posição horizontal, ele fica na posição vertical, já tente mudar a posição do carro nos parâmetro do Vector3, porém não funcionou, também já...

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Visual Studio 2010 Required in Error List

Hi. I am trying to port my game to XNA instead of GDI + (Visual Basic). In the 2013 version and in a modified version the "Visual Studio 2010 SP1 required " apperars on my error list. What can i do...

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Missing MSBuild reference

The last line of the generated project files (ProjectName.csproj): <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\XNA Game Studio\Microsoft.Xna.GameStudio.targets" /> Causes all references b...

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can we get a vs2017 installer?

Hi, could you make a vs2017rc / vs2017 installer please :) ?

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Memoryleak when savig png

when using a rendertarget2D and then saving it as png (didn't test jpg) some unmanaged memory isn't released so trying to save a lot of these pictures might be problematic. disposing the filestream...

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how make ccgame

Use menu "Package as XNA Cleaters Club Game" but Not found *.ccgame bug?

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Support Video Class

I saw this video to put a Video in my XNA Game but when i write "Video" it class doesnt Exist have Visual Studio 2013 an...

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Error VS 2013 Windows phone

I installed visual studio 2013 express desktop, set everything else as it is written in the notes and hints all 5 vsix steps. Everything works except windows phone XNA, and leave such errors.

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Possible support for .NET 4.5

Can you provide .NET 4.5 support in the future (after decompiling)? Thank you.

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import Blender 2.X exported FBX files correctly

Blender has a 'hack' in it to allow it to export FBX files in a way that the XNA importer understands. Unfortunately the Blender folks say it's the XNA importer that's busted for FBX files, not Ble...

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